Dave Wodchis was born in Toronto, Canada moving to Vancouver in 1982. He has photographed extensively for individuals and corporations as well as producing, composing and performing in theatre, television, and film. Attention to composition and theme is recurrent throughout his work whether it is the images in the One World Collection or his new Photo Impressionism Series. Perhaps influenced by his early musical training, he tends to explore variations, themes, and photographic studies. He is currently working on combining digital manipulation, mixed media and painting into his New Impressionism photography.

Dave’s work is in various private collections and he continues to travel and explore the world when he’s not running his successful garden design and landscape company


“I find inspiration from our enduring ability to keep discovering new perspectives from what is seemingly the same place or space. It can be an element of life, a relationship, or a memory. As we see and experience these perspectives, they are seemingly sometimes the same and sometimes quite obviously providing us with a completely different context. There’s simplicity in the acknowledgement of this and at the same time, a certain complexity.”